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Παραλία Βότσαλα
Η άλλη πλευρά της Αλυκής! Με βότσαλα και ενδιαφέρουσα υποβρύχια περιήγηση!
Η παραλία της Αλυκής
Το γραφικό ψαροχώρι με την υπέροχη παραλία. Από τη μια πλευρά άμμος, από την άλλη βότσαλα!
Ψαροχώρι με υπέροχες παραλίες και υποδομές
Κάθε στιγμή είναι μαγική στην Αλυκή.
Η παραλία Πίσω Αλυκή
Αμμουδιά και θάλασσα που ρηχαίνει σε πολύ μάκρος
Ιδανική για παιδιά και παιχνίδια μέσα στη θάλασσα.

In the south, near the airport


This Punta (unrelated to the cosmopolitan Punta Beach on the east coast of the island), is a large sandy beach with two or three café-surfing clubs offering surfing and kite surfing facilities. It is very near (slightly further south) the small Punta port, which offers ferry access to Antiparos. The strait between the two islands is a haven for sea sports enthusiasts. However, the sea is quite rough and the lack of natural shade prevents those not keen on sports from choosing it.
Agios Nikolaos-Aliki

Arriving from Parikia, the first beach in Aliki is the long and sandy Agios Nikolaos. It is wide with coarse sand and sea pines on the left. Agios Nikolaos is the perfect place to combine a dip in the sea with sports at the basketball and tennis courts and football pitch directly behind it. There is also a children’s playground and plenty of parking space.


The main beach at Aliki is lively and perfect for families. The broad sea pines create plenty of shade where the beach meets the main cobblestone street of the village, while café-bars and restaurants cater to all the requirements of a family holiday with good food next to the waves. Fishing boats and other small crafts moor at the pier.

Piso Aliki

Piso Aliki is the most beautiful of the three beaches near Alliki, and boasts an unspoiled landscape with a few facilities, including showers, changing rooms and quick and easy access to the shops of the village. The wide sandy beach with a few pebbles is dotted with sea pines for natural shade. The beach is accessible by a cobblestone walkway along the sea, extending from the paved coastal road at the end of Aliki.


Faragas comprises one large and two small beaches sheltered from the wind by cliffs, with golden sand and calm clear water. The large beach is organized and popular, as tourists visit from all over the island in summer, and features sunbeds, umbrellas and two snack bars. Those arriving at the small beaches in the afternoon will enjoy a swim at asandy, uncrowded beach with turquoise water. There are no sea pines and very little natural shade under the cliffs, so be sure to bring an umbrella.


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