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Naoussa Dance Troupe

Since it was founded in 1988, The Naoussa Dance Troupe has been working passionately and consistently in order to preserve and re-establish the traditional dances, customs and folklore of the region. Another major goal of the Troupe is to share its love for tradition and musical heritage with younger generations. It maintains a large wardrobe with over 100 traditional costumes of Paros, exact copies of 16th century dress.

The Troupe also organizes seminars and festivals related to music and dance tradition, and has published related books. Moreover, it actively participates in cultural exchange programs both in Greece and abroad.

The Naoussa Dance Troupe is a member of the UNESCO International Dance Council (Conseil International de la Danse) and has participated and distinguished itself in many festivals and events in Greece and abroad.

Naoussa Dance Troupe


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