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Kostos - Agia Pakou – Naoussa

Another well-marked trail along a wide path, suitable for everyone as it leads downhill to Naoussa.

Set off from the village of Kostos and walk along the asphalt road for 7 minutes, until you reach the small church of Agia Ypakoi, or Pakous, according to locals. The path starts 100 meters from the church in the direction of Naoussa, and takes a slight detour to the right.

Walk along the left side of a terraced slope, with the bay of Naoussa and the shores of Mykonos in the distance. Reaching a three-prong fork, take the dirt road in the middle at the village of Matzoro. After 100 meters, take the left road at the fork. The trail leads through a ravine, at times along a dirt road and others a narrow path, for about 800 meters until it exits the gorge.

Naoussa is directly ahead. Continue straight on and take the fork on the left. There is another fork 300 meters further along. This time take the path on the right, and the hill with the monastery of Agios Antonios will also be on the right. Another 800 meters and you will see the first houses of Naoussa.

Distance: 6 km., 1 hour and 15 minutes


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