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Aliki - Agairia - Monastery of Agion Theodoron - Aspro Chorio

Moderately difficult, this is one of the most exciting hiking routes on Paros. Set off from Aliki. Walk towards Agairia through the narrow streets of the village with the settlement of Aliki on your left, and savor the architecture of the traditional Aegean houses. Leaving Aliki, the path heads slightly uphill and arrives at the few houses in Agairia after about ten minutes.

Pass the houses and walk towards the hill and ravine leading to the the monastery. The shorter route is along the asphalt, while the longer one follows the dirt road to the right that leads around the cultivated fields and meets the asphalt road where it turns into a dirt road that continues towards the monastery.

You will now leave the smooth terrain behind and head uphill for about 300 meters, through low vegetation, bushes, shrubs and a few trees, past the last two houses to a junction. Turn right and head up the last uphill stretch through the ravine, towards the monastery. For this section of the hike, only slopes are visible to the left and right, very green and with just a few crops. The profound feeling that you have left "civilization" behind will persist until the monastery comes into view.

Carry on downhill towards Aspro Chorio, with the bare cliff and mountain peak to your right. The last three kilometers are easy, with a view of Aspro Chorio ahead and the beaches of Lolantonis in the distance and Glyfas on the right.

Distance: 8.5 km, 1 hour and 45 minutes


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