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Όρμος Λαγγερη
Άποψη προς το νησί Οικονόμου
Παραλία Ξιφαρά
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Κουκουναριές - Νάουσα
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Νάουσα - Λήμνες
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Νάουσα - Σοκάκι
Καΐκια στη Νάουσα
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Σοκάκι στην Παροικιά
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Parikia - Kalami - Kamares Parou - Kamares Naoussas - Nasousa - Xifara - Santa Maria - Ampelas

Ferries dock at Parikia, which could act as the starting point of your first excursion to the northeast of the island. Before getting in the car, take a walk around the capital of Paros to see the sights. Visit the Temple of Ekatontapiliani, one of the most beautiful churches in the Aegean and a major Christian shrine. You are sure to be surprised by the beautiful pine forest next to the church, the remnants of the large pine forest of Parikia. The forest leads to the perimeter road linking Parikia and Pounta.

Walking down to the port, we devote some time to the Venetian castle in the old market, around which the village grew cyclically. The castle boasts yet another Byzantine monument, the temple of Agios Konstantinos, with a beautiful view. Walking along the streets of the old market, visitors are sure to admire the old Venetian mansions, Dimitrakopoulos House and the fountains of Mayor Mavrogenis. You can admire the view from the hill of Agia Anna, on which two of the most characteristic windmills of the Aegean are built. The hill has a view of one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Aegean.

A walk though the narrow cobblestone streets of Parikia offers countless opportunities for a coffee or drink in charming little shops. However, the ancient cemetery near the beach, the pottery workshop and the Archaeological Museum are also worth visiting.

We continue on our excursion towards Kalami, the first small tourist settlement we encounter on the slope of a hill, just 4 kilometers to the west of the port, nestled among crops, vineyards, houses and clusters of trees. Leaving Kalami behind, we descend towards Kamares of Paros, which looks towards the wind turbines at the peak of the hill to the left.

The road continues downhill, with a terraced slope to the left and the typical Aegean landscape covered in shrubs and a few houses with green gardens. Most of these houses were built on the site of old farmhouses belonging to locals, their summer homes which evolved into permanent residences. Naoussa awaits at the end of our journey.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most picturesque settlements in the Aegean, which evolved from a fishing village into a cosmopolitan resort, a name that is well deserved in summer months. Walking along the narrow cobblestone alleyways, visitors play peekaboo with the small fishing port and marine, while the view of the Venetian castle, which is illuminated at night, completes the irresistible backdrop. The images are sometimes reminiscent of the canals of Venice.

The small castle of Kasteli is located in the port, sections of which still stand today. Next to the sea, the church of Agios Nikolaos draws our attention. It is dedicated to the fishermen of Naoussa, who are still famous for their fish and comprise the largest fishing fleet in the Cyclades. If you happen to visit in late August, you will enjoy the feast of the fish organized on the ninth day of the Virgin Mary, on the 23rd of the month. Another historic church of Naoussa is built on the hill overlooking the village. The temple of Kimisi of Theotokos dominates the region. One of the most characteristic sites of Naoussa is the impressive stone bridge, under which flows a stream to the bay in front of the village (in some seasons).

We are once again at the seaside and the beaches around Naoussa await, as does the environmental park near the monastery of Agios Ioannis Detis. Cool down with a swim on the sandy beaches, such as Piperi, Piperaki, Kolymbithres, Monasteri, Santa Maria and Lageri.

Leaving Naoussa behind, we can visit the hill of Koukounaries, with ruins of an ancient settlement, the Cycladic cemetery and the Venetian castle to the north of the port.

Naoussa can form the base for the final destinations of our first excursion: Xifara, Santa Maria and Ambelas. Xifaras is a beautiful, long and sandy beach, stretching along the side of Naoussa Bay. Nearby, the narrow strip of sand between Lageri and a small island just a few steps away flirts with the sea, creating an idyllic scene and an opportunity for games in the sea.

Santa Maria also boasts an impressively long and sandy beach, which is organized with seabeds and umbrellas and is located in front of one of the wetlands of the island.

The region east of Naoussa is ideal for both finding accommodation and dining at one of the many seaside taverns, where fresh fish and seafood are plentiful.


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