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Piso Livadi-Pounta-Chryssi Akti-Drios-Aspro Chorio

Pounta, which is a popular destination for visitors of all ages, is located on the east coast of Paros. It is a place where sports and nightlife enthusiasts come together. Unexpected meetings take place there and the nights are always longer than the days, even in summer. Our excursion begins in Piso Livadi. Logaras is the long beach to the south of the village and the port. It is long and sandy with crystal clear water and an interesting seabed, perfect for spearfishing and snorkeling. As on most beaches on Paros, the sea pines offer natural shade, and the area is quite touristy, with accommodation, restaurants and cafés-bars for all tastes and budgets.

Pounta beach is the next beach, a favorite for both lovers of sport and the good life. The road continues with long straight stretches, between cultivated land, houses and rooms for rent, and leads to Chryssi Akti (Golden Beach) and Nea Chryssi Akti or Tserdakia. This beach is perhaps the most popular on Paros and is well deserving of its name. Long and sandy, the beach is open to the south and is an excellent choice for surfers. After all, the World Windsurfing Championship was organized at Chryssi Akti in the 90s. Residential development is very limited along the long beach (Chryssi Akti) and there are countless places to set up your umbrella, provided that it isn't too windy. In addition to a swim in the clear blue water, visitors enjoy a gorgeous view of Drionisi. Nea Chryssi Akti was also awarded Blue Flag certification and features an organized beach with water sport schools, restaurants and many accommodation options.

Continuing even further south, we reach the village of Drios. The small pier and pebble beach form a picturesque backdrop for a short or long stop in the village, which was once the ancient harbor of Paros. The grooves that prove that boats were driven ashore there in ancient times to unload their merchandise from major Mediterranean ports can be seen at Drios. Another theory proposes that the grooves were made by wheeled carriages that once transported marble to the large ships.

The vegetation is impressive: bushes, pine trees, small crops and sea pines on the beach. One of the walks we could take in the area leads to the cave of the demons with stalagmites and stalactites, the lakes of Drios and the ancient shipsheds, where ships were housed in ancient times. Aspro Chorio is a small charming settlement above Drios, with a beautiful large church. Continuing southwards along the coast, we reach Lolantonis, a lovely, sandy beach with turquoise water and large sea pines. There are taverns on the hill above the beach with a very nice view.

The entire region between Lolantonis and Piso Livadi is part of the NATURA 2000 protected network.

A visit to the monastery of Agion Theodoron, 8 kilometers to the west of Aspro Chorio, is a worthwhile ending for our excursion. Now it's time to leave "civilization" behind and head up the mountain. The monastery is large and pretty, and is inhabited by old calendar nuns. It is a very peaceful place with a breathtaking view of Naxos, Ios and Sikinos.


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