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Ονειρεμένος γάμος
Πραγματοποιήστε το γάμο των ονείρων σας
Στη διάθεσή σας, ολόκληρο το νησί!
Γάμος στην Πάρο
Μια επιθυμία,
μια απόφαση που θα σας συνοδεύει μια ζωή!
...ό,τι κι αν φανταστήκατε...
Πραγματοποιήστε το!
Με κάθε επισημότητα και άνεση!
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Η ώρα η καλή!
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Wedding & Honeymoon

An island you will fall for and love forever

Whether your relationship began on Paros or whether it blossomed there, the island is important to you. You may have attended or seen pictures of a wedding on Paros. And this may have got you thinking about getting married in a place that you love and that means something to you.
On Paros, all your dreams can come true. You could organize a cosmopolitan wedding with folklore undertones, or a minimal wedding, a wedding that Mantalalena herself would envy... Arrive at the church by boat, yacht, speed boat, horse-drawn carriage, on foot accompanied by musicians - whether the ceremony is held at a country chapel or Panagia Ekatontapiliani. Make the wedding of your dreams a reality, with every formality, comfort and unparalleled beauty. The entire island is at your disposal: reception areas, bars, picturesque taverns, clubs, beaches, hotels and wedding planners ready to make your dreams a reality.

Because on Paros...
It is the natural beauty of the island that enchants - the colors and the experience will be unforgettable for both you and your guests.
It is the entire process that is like a holiday.
It is the joy you feel because friends and loved ones have come with you.
It is the place and your choices that make your wedding unique and coveted. It is an island where you will have your honeymoon, with significant savings on additional travel arrangements.

The island boasts an incredible number of churches and country chapels. If you don't have a connection with a specific church, some favorite choices include:

Panagia of Ekatontapiliani
Agia Anna in Pandroso
Agios Fokas at the entrance to the port of Parikia
Agios Ioannis in Kolybithres
Zoodochou Pigis in Lageri
Agios Nikolaos in Piso Livadi
Agios Nikolaos in Pyrgaki

Wedding Planners
Choose the wedding planners who will undertake your wedding and ensure that everything runs smoothly, quickly and as economically as possible. Bring your own planner or appoint one of the professionals on the island. These professionals are well-versed in the requirements of a wedding, are flexible and make valuable suggestions. There are companies for all tasks and services. Local professionals are acquainted with the peculiarities of the region and can propose the best and most economical options. Paros has everything... or almost everything... one look is enough to convince you!

Wedding Planners
Boubounieres (Wedding Favors)
Fireworks and balloons
Hair Dressers
Bridal Care
Bachelor party
Reception areas
Catering / bakeries
Sound systems / DJ

Wedding Photographs & Video

Transportation & Accommodation for guests
Honeymoon accommodation
Wedding trip/cruise


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