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Cultural and Educational Association of Agairia

The Association is very active and aims to protect and convey the customs and traditions of the region through various cultural events.

Its activities include photograph and painting exhibitions, dance, music and painting lessons, film screenings, book exhibitions, theatrical performances, concerts and lectures.

In collaboration with the Municipality and other Cultural Associations of the island, it promotes customs and traditions and ensures they become institutions for the island.

For example, the festival of Ai Yiannis of Kleidonas on 23 June, which is celebrated at the picturesque port of Aliki. The customs of "Katoptromanteias" and "Silent Water" are presented and dramatized, and dance troupes perform traditional dances. Then the boats with lit torches and flares converge on the beach, where fires are lit to burn the May wreaths. Attendees enjoy music, dance, souma (local spirit) and snacks. The Fish Festival is held on 6 August, on the beach at Aliki, with fish, wine, music and traditional dances. A festival just prior to 15 August. On 14 September, the day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Agairia, at the church of Agios Georgios, the Association serves chick pea soup and wine to parishioners after the service, and the church offers rusks and grapes. In the evening, the celebration moves to the port of Aliki, where dance troupes and music groups channel a festive air.

Cultural and Educational Association of Agairia


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