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The Marpissa Women's Association

The Marpissa Women's Association is one of the oldest on the island (founded in 1979) and is very active in the organization of cultural events, in collaboration with the Local Community of Marpissa.

It is one of the most active groups and mobilizes all instruments at its disposal for the good of the local community. The Association organizes lectures and seminars on a variety of topics, takes part in voluntary ecological initiatives (beach cleanups) and manages and regulates all citizens participating in its activities. The Association never rests on its laurels and works for the common good both from a cultural perspective and on essential, everyday issues that concern the local society.

With active theater groups, dance troupes, choirs and exercise classes, it attempts to mobilize and spread its energy. The Association organizes excursions both around the island and off it, museum visits and sports events, bazaars, dances, celebrations, concerts, theatrical performances, etc.

It provides an outlet for the artistic aspirations of the citizens of Marpissa and the surrounding regions, who enjoy being part of such an active group


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