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Ιστιοπλοΐα για παιδιά.
Αυτή η εμπειρία, θα τους μείνει αξέχαστη!
Παραλίες για όλες τις ηλικίες!
Παραδεισένια νερά, ιδανικά για δεινούς αλλά και αρχάριους κολυμβητές.
Νέα Χρυσή Ακτή
Υποδομές, εξοπλισμός, γνώστες του αντικειμένου. Η απόλυτη τριλογία για να μάθετε surf!

Sailing - Swimming

Young children can experience the sea in the heart of Parikia, in a very safe environment.
The Yacht Club of Paros offers sailing lessons for youngsters. The YCP makes the enjoyment of its students a top priority, and all classes have a small number of children. Instructors select the appropriate sailing vessel for each student. Safety is guaranteed due to the long experience of the club and instructors. In the course of the lesson, students begin by getting to know the boat and learning the Basic Safety Standards. They then make their first foray into sailing and gradually put theory into practice. The YCP also offers swimming lessons.

Further Information: Yacht Club of Paris, Livadia Parikia, Tel.-Fax: 22840-21800

Swimming lessons for young children are offered in the bay of Parikia by the experienced instructors and coaches of the Athletic Club of Paros.
Further Information: Athletic Club of Paros, Parikia, Tel.-Fax: 22840-23010


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