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Λιμάνι Παροικιάς
Όταν κοιτάς από ψηλά...


Parikia is the capital of the island, and the center for every activity. It is the commercial and passenger port of the island, the administrative and economic center - a modern town with a powerful past and a promising future.

Parikia was constructed on the site of the ancient city, at the foot of the mountain where the Monastery of Agion Anargyron was built, near the neighboring regions of Krios, Kalami, Papasporos, Kakapetra, Agia Irini, Sotires, Glysidia, Pounta and Kampos. It is assumed that its name dates back to the Byzantine era, from the crofters (called parikous) of the Temple of Ekatontapiliani, many of whom were residents of the island. However, findings from various excavations have proven that Parikia was inhabited in ancient times and its history likely begins much earlier.

Parikia ensures all its guests are comfortably accommodated and offers all the services of a modern city to visitors. Most banks operate branches in Parikia, which also has a post office, health center, travel agencies, automobile and motorcycle rental agencies, and much more. Parikia offers a wide range of accommodation options (from hotels and rented rooms to camping sites in Livadia, Krios and Parasporos), and visitors will find it easy to find the one best suited to their needs.

Walking along the traditional cobblestone streets, reveling in the Cycladic beauty and meeting the hospitable residents is a wonderful experience. There are cafés, bars, crêperies, traditional taverns and restaurants guaranteed to satisfy every taste.

The walk through the old settlement reveals many small surprises. Explore the streets of the old town around the Kastro (castle) and off the coastal road, visit the multitude of small shops, and travel back through the centuries and history of the island through the traditional Cycladic houses, neoclassical mansions, ancient monuments, bridges, fountains and small churches.

When it comes to entertainment, Parikia is second to none. The nightlife of the town comes to life after sunset, at cafés, live music venues and clubs open until dawn. The main event hosted by the town is on 15 August, the feast day of the Temple of Ekatontapiliani, when the entire island descends on Parikia to celebrate.

Guests will definitely find activities to interest them in Parikia, including beautiful beaches and many places to visit.


Places to visit:

The Temple of Ekatontapiliani, one of the most important and well preserved early Christian monuments in Greece, and the largest of its kind.

The Archaeological Museum, which houses collections of Ancient and Classical sculpture, Neolithic, Early Cycladic, Mycenaean and Roman finds, sculptures, architectural elements, urns and Roman mosaic floors.

The Ancient Cemetery was the official cemetery of the ancient town. It covers a very large area and was in use between the 8th century BC and the 2nd century AD.

The Kastro of Parikia (Castle) The imposing Kastro Hill looms over the port of Parikia, with the ruins of the Venetian castle that was built with the columns from ancient temples and other architectural elements, which are clearly distinguishable.

The ruins of the temple dedicated to Asclepius, the God of Medicine, is delightfully situated in one of the most beautiful locations on Paros, with spectacular views of the Aegean. The Asclepion is perched on the hill of Agia Anna, very near Parikia. The ruins of the temple of Pythion Apollo are in the same area.

Delion, north of the bay of Parikia on a high hill facing Delos, is the temple dedicated to the worship of Delion Apollo. It comprises an enclosure with an altar, the temple of Artemis, sister of Apollo, and a small space for banquets. The Cycladic cemetery was found near Delion (3rd millennium BC).

The Early Christian Basilica
The early Christian three-aisle Basilica is located one kilometer northeast of Parikia, just off the Parikia-Naoussa road.

The Folklore Museum and the Medical Museum
The Dimitrakopoulos Building in the Old settlement exhibits items that take visitors back in time.

There are approximately 40 churches worth visiting in the wider area around the castle.

Parikia, or Parkia, with its old town, beautiful houses that tell centuries old tales, hidden inner garden courtyards, narrow, winding streets and bold architectural statements in every corner, is sure to enchant visitors.

The town, bustling marketplace and unique Byzantine temple of Panagia of Ekatontapiliani are well worth the walk, which is surprisingly charming.


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