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12ος αιώνας π.Χ. Μυκηναϊκό ανάκτορο με αξιόλογα ευρήματα. Σε μια πανέμορφη τοποθεσία.
Φημισμένες. Κοσμοπολίτικες. Απόκοσμες. Στρογγυλεμένα βράχια, σε μια παραλία όνειρο.

Kolybithres - Koukounaries

Kolybithres is, deservedly, one of the best known beaches of Greece. It is located on the northwest coast of Paros, on the west side of the bay of Naoussa. The landscape is impressively wild, lunar and rocky.

Strangely shaped granite rocks "descend" from the hills to the sea, rocks on the barren mountain, with stones and stone walls. Smooth, almost spherical rocks form a peculiar site that stretches down to the sea. Sculpted by the wind and sea, with holes, the rocks embody a unique sculptural aesthetic. Between the rocks, the sand forms small beaches and sea as smooth as glass. Crystal clear waters glimmer in all shades of blue, to the delight of visitors.


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