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Folklore Collection of Naoussa, Paros

(of the Music and Dance Troupe of Naoussa, Paros)


Naoussa is, in and of itself, an incredible attraction. The picturesque village, with whitewashed houses and cobblestone streets, the quaint little port and churches is a destination that can't be missed. When you arrive in Naoussa, take some time to tour the museum created by an initiative of the Music and Dance Troupe of Naoussa, Paros, which is situated in a traditional house donated by Konstantinos and Marouso Roussos.
Collections include male and female costumes from various regions of Greece (Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly) and, naturally, Paros. There is also a small collection of underclothes from Paros and everyday utensils and furniture. In addition, the museum exhibits linen and fine, hand-crafted embroidered pieces. One of the rooms is a fully equipped typical Parian kitchen, filled with authentic objects over 100 years old.
Incredible, genuine pieces from a bygone era beg to be inspected!


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