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Σοκάκια και κατάλευκα σπίτια
Δίπλα-δίπλα οι αυλές, τα παράθυρα κι οι καρδιές.
Περπατήστε στα σοκάκια των χωριών και απολαύστε την απλότητα των γραμμών και των χρωμάτων.
Χρώμα στο χρώμα
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Εκεί, που ο ήλιος χαρίζει απλόχερα το φως του
Αγροτικές εργασίες
Κάποιες ασχολίες παραμένουν παραδοσιακές
Σε πείσμα της εξέλιξης, κερδίζουν τις εντυπώσεις!

Occupational Monuments

Where art "played" with the daily activities the people of Paros and became a way of life, creating occupational monuments. The whitewashed houses in the villages, the narrow stone-tiled whitewashed streets, the churches with sloped roofs and marble bell towers, the use of ancient marble for the walls of houses, and carefully worked plasters are the main features of the traditional architecture of Paros.

Farm houses - independent and complex cubic structures. The economy of space and aesthetics blend harmoniously with the oven, pigeon house, wine press, threshing floor and stable. Building materials included stone, lime, clay soil, reeds and seaweed.

Windmills: Windmills are scattered throughout the windswept hills of Paros, both proud witnesses of the past and important folklore monuments. They were used to grind wheat and other cereals.

Watermills: The watermills are powered by cool, running water.

Wheel Wells: Many wheel wells have been preserved, which were once operated by mules and donkeys, that turned the wheel and brought the water to the surface.

Wells and Cisterns: Wells and cisterns were used to irrigate crops and hydrate animals.

Stone Threshing Floors Seeds were threshed on the floors with the assistance of
Wine Presses: Wine presses were used to process crops.

Olive Presses: People and animals turned the large cone-shaped rock to crush the olives.
Modern mills can be found on the island in the present day.

Pigeon Houses: Elytis referred to the pigeon houses as, "virtues with four corners".

Terraces: Carefully built on the slopes of the mountain, the terraces successfully keep the stone walls, limited earth and rainwater in place.

Stone Walls: Made of stone, marble, slates and lava collected in the area, these stone walls were built to limit the movement of animals in the fields and to mark property lines.
They have become the habitat of the lizards, reptiles and snails of the Aegean.


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