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Music and Dance Troupe of the Municipality of Paros

In its effort to contribute to the preservation and re-establishment of our tradition and cultural heritage, the Municipality of Paros founded its Music and Dance Troupe in 1996, which currently has 200 members-dancers of all ages, divided into ten sections and two performance troupes, and the ability to present dances from all over Greece.

The mission of the Troupe is to instruct the younger generations, with accuracy and fidelity: traditional music and dance of our island, the costumes of each region, and all expressions of our folk culture, including theatrical performances, cuisine, and vocabulary, with the utmost respect and appreciation to the gifts handed down by our ancestors.
The Troupe has had tremendous success in the organization of seminars taught by renowned folklorists, including Georgios Ziogas (WESTERN TRACE), Christos Theologos (ASIA MINOR), Ioannis Tsouchlarakis (WESTERN AND CENTRAL CRETE), Elia Gika (EASTERN CRETE), Antonis Dalaris (LEROS).

The particular attention paid by the troupes to the expression of songs and dances presented without the accompaniment of musical instruments (a cappella), from various regions in Greece, such as PONTOS, THRACE, LEROS, KYTHNOS, KYTHIRA, KEFALONIA, has resulted in perhaps the most significant event, to date. The children were invited to collaborate with the Troupe of the Municipality of Keratsini. They performed songs and dances from Western Thrace at the ATHENS CONCERT HALL, for the opening ceremonies of the Mathematical Olympiad of 2004.

The dance troupe has also been successful in its attempts to educate the people of Paros through organized events and special dance nights.
Moreover, the Music and Dance Troupe of the Municipality of Paros has also made several appearances at various events organized on our island each summer. They are particularly proud of the appearances every group makes in the performance organized in recent years in June, which marks the end of lessons for the academic year. The Troupe has also presented traditional dances with great success in other areas of Greece (Nea Ionia Volos, Serres, Thessaloniki, Mesologgi, Chania, Ano Ampelokipi, Kozani, Corinth, Veria, Salamina, Leros) and abroad (Tunisia, Turkey).

The Music and Dance Troupe has appeared on television programs on several networks, including ANT1, ET1 and STAR. Finally, the Troupe owns traditional costumes from Paros, Ios, Amorgos, Kythnos, Kythira and Evxeinou Pontos.


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