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Routes in Marpissa

Routes in Marpissa is a three-day experimental, cultural festival in Marpissa, Paros, which takes place each year in late August.

The central idea of the festival is to create thematic routes in the traditional settlement of Marpissa, around which the activities of the three-day event are developed.

It aims towards an experimental approach to activities, so everyone will have an active role in the events. The "Routes in Marpissa" initiative is the vision of a group of volunteers of different ages and backgrounds, who share a love for the region and a willingness to highlight the authentic character of the village and its inhabitants. The initiative aims to encourage teamwork and the action of residents and visitors to strengthen social relationships and develop the creativity of the participants.

The organizing team comprises approximately 50 volunteers of different ages and backgrounds: architects, designers, educators, scholars, translators, musicians, artists, public relations managers, programmers.


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