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Ιππασία στην Πάρο.
Απολαύστε τη βόλτα με αυτά τα υπέροχα ζώα.
Το έδαφος το επιτρέπει καθώς και τα αναρίθμητα μονοπάτια. Προσεγγίστε μέρη που δεν θα δείτε διαφορετικά.


Horseback riding is an unusual way to experience the beauty of the island, on paths to places unreachable by car or easily accessed by conventional means of transport. These amazing proud animals introduce visitors to the beauties of the mountain and sea. In summer, weather permitting, riders can enjoy a dip in the sea with the horse! There are several riding stables on the island, which exercise respect towards animals, man and nature. Professional instructors and trained horses, suitable for amateur and beginner riders, adults and children, are available for a safe ride on the island. It is also possible to gallop on designated courses, test your strengths and savor riding. We unreservedly recommend a walk along the paths and trails that lead to a... different Paros, far from the busy areas, through farmland to places that are accessible only on foot or on horseback.


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