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Kastro Hill, Parikia

The hill of the medieval Kastro of Parikia has formed the core of civilization from the time it was first settled (4th millennium BC) until the present day.

The Kastro was built by Sanoudos, the Venetian duke of Naxos (13th century), in the architecture of ancient temples. Archaeologists discovered that the Kastro comprises the elements of three archaic and two classical temples from the ancient city. Only a small section of the archaic temple of Athena survives on the hilltop (6th century BC). A section of an early Cycladic settlement was discovered next to the foundations of the temple.

Walking around the Kastro, visitors will encounter several small churches, many of which are embedded in the walls, such as Panagia of Stavros (1514), Agia Anna, Agios Markos, Agios Stylianos and the astonishing architecture of Agios Konstantinos, with a covered courtyard and a spectacular view of the sea, one of the loveliest vistas in the Aegean.


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