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Association of "Skopas the Parian"

The Prodromos Cultural Association of Skopas the Parian contributes actively to the preservation of local customs. Most customs are inextricably linked with our religious tradition and the anniversaries of historical events. Hence, our devotion to religious holidays is successfully combined with island feasts that bring joy, music and food. 25 March marks the torchlight procession in memory of the heroes of the revolution of 1821. The Cultural Association of Prodromos organizes traditional dances lessons for all ages and actively participates in religious celebrations all over the island. Moreover, it offers interested parties the opportunity to learn and become skilled at the art of knitting and sewing. It also welcomes youngsters (aged 6 and up) to the 1st Seascout Troop of Paros.

Association of "Skopas the Parian"


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