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Άγιος Ιωάννης Δέτης
Όταν η φύση "ζωγραφίζει",
οι άνθρωποι ανακαλύπτουν και απλά, ΘΑΥΜΑΖΟΥΝ!
Φεστιβάλ στον Άγιο Γιάννη Δέτη
Η φύση μαγεύει,
οι άνθρωποι απαντούν με τα "δικά τους μέσα". Παρακολουθήστε το καλοκαιρινό πολιτιστικό φεστιβάλ κι αφεθείτε στην ομορφιά!
Απάνεμος ελλιμενισμός
Το Μοναστήρι στον Άγιο Γιάννη
ένα από τα σημαντικά απάνεμα μέρη στην Πάρο.

Environmental Park of Paros

A small beautiful peninsula in the north of the island with a total area of 80 hectares was transformed into a paradise for Aegean hikers. The Park is owned by a Public Corporation and operates with the invaluable assistance of volunteers, who help organize events all year round. Visitors are immediately struck by the singularity of the rocky landscape, with its sheltered bays and beaches. It exudes serenity, despite the harsh gray color, which "softens" in spring with the blooming of the low plants, multicolored flowers and the stunning view of Naoussa and the surrounding beaches of the closed bay. Since the park was created in 2009, tourist exploitation came to a halt and the process of cultivating indigenous plants began, with the aim to restore the natural landscape to its former glory, which had also been degraded by uncontrolled sheep grazing and other factors.

The park boasts seven kilometers of marked trails, where hikers can become acquainted with the Park and its attractions. The small but beautiful beaches are very special, including the main beach, Monastiri, under the monastery of Agios Ioannis Detis, which is the only organized beach in the Park and provides sunbeds and umbrellas for hire. The other beaches offer refuge to those seeking tranquility in an authentic Cycladic landscape. They are situated on four small sandy coves, including Almyros, which can only be reached by sea or on foot along the park trails.

At the entrance to the peninsula where the park is located, visitors will find a shipyard and the facilities where cultural events are hosted on the beach, including an open air theater that can accommodate 700 spectators. The remnants of the headquarters of the Russian fleet during the Orlofika period can be seen nearby, while the last trail to the north leads to the small remote lighthouse at Cape Korakas.


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